How To Reinstall QuickBooks?

QuickBooks accounting allows you to perform hundreds of accounting tasks and you can manage your business with ease. However, there can be various situations when your QuickBooks Desktop falls into some errors and issues that can badly hamper your workflow and it may affect your business as well. There are number of errors that requires the reinstallation of QuickBooks software to get resolved. Reinstalling QuickBooks Desktop can be very useful for you as it can allow you to resolve the issue completely.

There are so many articles available on the internet that recommends you reinstall QuickBooks to resolve that issue. Sometimes the issue may not get resolved by using the basic reinstallation process and in such situations, you will have to perform a clean installation of QuickBooks as it is considered as the best solution to resolve most of the issues QuickBooks.

A general conception of reinstalling QuickBooks is just uninstalling and installing QuickBooks again. But a clean installation of QuickBooks is a much wider concept. It includes uninstalling QuickBooks, renaming old installation files and then installing QuickBooks again.

If you are looking for the process to reinstall QuickBooks, then this article can be helpful for you as we will be providing you the complete guide to reinstall QuickBooks software using clean install. You can also contact us at our toll-free QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number +1866-656-1012 to get instant solutions.

How To Reinstall QuickBooks?

Steps to reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop software are as given below:

Note: You should have a valid subscription of QuickBooks and an undamaged disk or setup before your uninstall QuickBooks. Note down your License Number and Product number so that you can activate QuickBooks again.

QuickBooks Desktop Uninstall

  • Open the Run command by pressing Windows + R
  • Type Control Panel in the search box and hit enter or click on OK.
  • From the Control Panel, open to the Programs and Features
  • Locate QuickBooks from the program list and double-click on the same to start the un-installation process.
  • You will get a QuickBooks installation wizard on your screen. Click on Uninstall.
  • Follow onscreen prompts and click on Finish when you are asked.
  • Restart your system to save changes.

Rename The Installation Folders

Now, you need to rename all the QuickBooks installation folders to make sure that old and new installation files to not conflict with each other. You can rename the installation folders by following two different methods, by using the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool and manually renaming all the installation folders.

Steps to rename your installation folders by using QB Clean Install Tool are as given below:

  • Download the setup file of QuickBooks Clean Install Tool from official website of QuickBooks.
  • Run the installation process of QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.
  • Once the installation finishes, run the tool and click on I Accept on the license agreement window.
  • Select the QuickBooks version which was earlier installed on your system and then click on Continue.
  • Click on OK on the message, ‘QuickBooks is not ready for a clean install, please install to the default directory.’

You need to unhide all the hidden files and folder to rename all the installation folders. You need to add the word OLD or DAMAGED or any other specific term at the end of the folder name. Doing this will replace all the existing QuickBooks installation files and folders and this will avoid any kind of clash between old and new installation files.

  • Error: Access Denied when renaming folders
  • Open the Task Manager by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ESC keys from your keyboard.
  • Navigate to the Processes tab of Task manager.
  • Click on the Image Name section to sort all the processes in alphabetic order by.
  • Find and choose QBDBMgr.exe, QBCFMonitorService.exe, Qbw32.exe and then click on End Process
  • If you get a warning message, click on Yes.

Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop

Once you are done with uninstalling and renaming QuickBooks Desktop then the time comes to install QuickBooks Desktop again. It is highly recommended to use a fresh installation source of QuickBooks to avoid the same issue again because it might be possible that the old source that you used can be damaged. You also need to ensure that you don’t install QuickBooks on a flash or external drive.

Reach Us For Support

The provided steps will surely helpful for you to reinstall QuickBooks Desktop with ease. Reinstalling QuickBooks Desktop can be very helpful for you in resolving almost every error in the QuickBooks Desktop. However, if you are not able to resolve the issue by reinstalling QuickBooks or you are facing issues while reinstalling QuickBooks then you can contact us at our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-656-1012 to get instant solution for your QuickBooks errors and issues.