Resolving QuickBooks Error C=44 – [Resolve Data Damage Issues]

QuickBooks is a powerful accounting software that allows you to manage your accounts to grow your business. QuickBooks Desktop is accepted by millions of business owners across the world. It is considered as one of the best accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. However, there can be situations when you can face several errors and issues in QuickBooks as well. There are various error series and categories in QuickBooks that represents a particular type or nature of issue. QuickBooks Error C=44 is one such error that occurs when there are some issues with your QuickBooks Data.

QuickBooks Error C-44

QuickBooks Error C = XXX series represents the data damage in your company file. If you are also facing QuickBooks Error C = 44 and you are looking to resolver it manually, you have landed on the right page as we are going to discuss about the steps to resolve Error C = 44 in QuickBooks Desktop. If you require any kind of help at any point of time, you can connect with our support department by just dialing our toll-free QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number +1800-621-5491 to get instant support.

What Is QuickBooks Error C=44?

QuickBooks Error C = 44 generally pops up on your screen if you are forcing QuickBooks to make changes in a damaged transaction or record. This can happen due to damaged company file or security failure. You can also face QuickBooks Error C = 44 when you try to open multiple transactions in a single company file at same time. Random system or network failure can lead to this error as well.

If you are not yet clear about why the error is occurring on your QuickBooks Desktop then the most relevant answer for this query is that the value represents the issue and the ProAdvisors of are capable to resolve the issue.

How To Fix The Error QuickBooks Error C=44?

  • Open the Task Manager and close all the QuickBooks related processes.
  • Open QuickBooks and from the main menu, go to File > Utilities > Verify Data.
  • If you get a message that says “Your data has lost integrity” then it means that your QuickBooks data is damage and you need to Rebuild your data.
  • Go to File > Utilities > Rebuild Data.
  • You will be asked to create a backup of your company file. Click on OK.
  • Wait for the process to get finished.
  • Now, run the Verify utility again by going into File > Utilities > Verify Data.
  • If you get a message that says no issues found with your data, you can keep working on your QuickBooks company file.

If you again get the “Your data has lost integrity” message on your screen, it means there are some serious damage with your data. You can use QuickBooks File Doctor Tool to resolve the error and if the error is still around, you can connect with a QuickBooks Expert.

Technical Support For QuickBooks

The provided solutions should be helpful for you in resolving the QuickBooks Error C=44 and you should now be able to work on your company files again. In case the error still persists, your QuickBooks Database is having some serious issues and you have to resolve those issues as soon as possible. For this, you can contact our technical support department by dialing our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1800-621-5491 and get your issues resolved.