Solutions For When QuickBooks Stops Working

QuickBooks is a robust accounting software that provides you end to end accounting services. QuickBooks is known to make accounting easy and more accurate. However, sometimes you can face various errors and issues in QuickBooks software as well. Issues related to the performance of QuickBooks are the most frustrating ones and QuickBooks Has Stopped Working is one such issue that occurs randomly and QuickBooks software gets crashed. There are no indications for this error because it comes on your screen suddenly. When this error occurs, you lose all your work that you were doing if you were not saving it.

If you have also got this QuickBooks has stopped working error message or you get this message continuously, this article can be very helpful for you. In this article, we will be providing you the steps that you can perform to resolve QuickBooks has stopped working issue. You can also connect with our technical support department at QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number +1866-656-1012 if you want any kind of assistance.

Causes Of QuickBooks Has Stopped Working Issue

  • The name of your QuickBooks Company File is too long.
  • The QBWUSER.INI file is either damaged or missing.
  • Your hard drive is damaged.
  • Some Windows files or QuickBooks related files are damaged or deleted by mistake.
  • You are not using a genuine Windows operating system.
  • You have low system configuration and QuickBooks requires an upgraded configuration.

How To Resolve QuickBooks Has Stopped Working Issue

Solution 1: Use the QuickBooks Refresher (QBRefresher) Tool

The QuickBooks Refresher Tool is used to close  all the processes running in the background and it also perform a basic repair on your QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Close all QuickBooks Desktop versions.
  • Open an internet browser and go to the official website on Intuit.
  • Download the QuickBooks Refresher Tool and save the file on your desktop.
  • Run the QBRefresher tool. Wait for the process to get finished and then close the tool.
  • Open QuickBooks and start working on it to see if the error is resolved or not.

If you still get the same issue, proceed to the next solution.

Solution 2: Use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool (QBInstall Tool)

The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool helps you in resolving the issues related to Microsoft components that QuickBooks uses.

  • Download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • Save the file on your desktop.
  • Close all the running processes and run the QBInstall Tool. The scanning and troubleshooting process may take up to 20 minutes depending upon your system configuration and internet speed.
  • Once the process of QBInstall Tool finishes, restart your system to save changes.

Solution 3: Rename the QBWUSER.ini file

You can also face this issue if your QBWUSER.ini file is damaged or missing. In such cases, you can resolve the error by renaming the QBWUSER.ini file.

Note: When you rename the QBWUSER.INI file, the list of previously opened company files will get clear and you will have to open them manually.

You can rename the file by following the steps given below:

  • Open the Windows Explorer by pressing Windows + E
  • Go to the folder that stores the QBWUSER.ini file: C:\Program Files\Users\[Your user name]\AppData\Local\Intuit\QuickBooks [year]. If you don’t see this folder, you will have show the hidden files and folders.
  • Right-click the QBWUSER.ini file and choose Rename from the drop-down list.
  • Add the word .old at the end of the file name (Example: ini.old).
  • Rename the ecml file as well.
  • Open the QuickBooks Desktop again.

If QuickBooks is now running without any issue after renaming the QBWUSER.INI or EntitlementDataStore.ecml, try to open a sample company file.

If the sample company can be opened without any issue, but your own company file is having the same issue, try to move the file to a different location and access it from there. If your company file can be opened from a different location, the issue might be occurring due to the damaged folder or incorrect folder permissions.

If you are still not able to sign into your company file, it is possible that your company file is damaged. You can try to restore a backup your created earlier.

If the sample company file is also not opening or QuickBooks is not even being start, it means that the installation of QuickBooks is damaged.

Solution 4: Reinstall using Clean Install

Performing a clean installation of QuickBooks will completely remove the old installation files of QuickBooks that were damaged. This process is highly recommended if the installation of your QuickBooks is damaged because the issue can only be resolved by this.

You can know more about this process at reinstalling using a clean install.

Technical Support For QuickBooks Performance

The provided solutions should allow you to resolve the QuickBooks Has Stopped Working issue. However, if you are still getting the same issue, you can try to create a new Windows Administrator user and then run QuickBooks to check if the error is resolved or not. If you couldn’t resolve the issue manually, you can contact us at our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-656-1012 and get complete solution for your issues.