Features Of QuickBooks Single-User And Multi-User Mode: Complete Guide

QuickBooks is a powerful accounting software that offers a wide range of accounting features. In this article we will provide you a complete analysis of QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks comes with multiple ways to access and perform the accounting tasks. You can know more about the features of QuickBooks Desktop by dialing our toll-free QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number +1800-621-5491.

Basically, there are two ways are in which the company file can be accessed, and they are:

  • Single-User Mode of QuickBooks
  • Multi-User mode of QuickBooks

In single-user mode, only a single user can access a company file at a time and in multi-user mode, more than one user can access the same company file at once. The number of users that can access a single company file basically depends on how much user license do you have. If you have any query about the multi-user mode then you can contact us at our QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number +1800-621-5491.

Difference Between The Features of Single And Multi-User Mode

This article will provide you the information about the features that available in single-user mode and multi-user mode. Refer to the tables to get to know about the features that available and unavailable in both the modes so that you can select as per your requirements.

Company File Operations

Tasks/Features Single-user mode Multi-user mode
Create Local Backup Yes Yes
Set up/Activate Online Backup Yes Yes
Create Portable Company File Yes No
Convert Company File Yes Yes
Repair File and Network Problems Yes Yes
Stop Hosting Multi-user Access Yes Yes
Disable QuickBooks Manager No Yes
Verify Data Yes Yes*
Rebuild Data Yes No
Condense Data (US only) Yes No
Update Web Services Yes Yes
Copy company file for QuickBooks Online Yes No

Note: The verify and rebuild utility can be used in multi-user mode but you can’t work on the files during the period.

Managing Lists

Tasks/Features Single-user mode Multi-user mode
Chart of Accounts Yes Yes/No*
Items list Yes Yes/No*
Other Names list Yes Yes
Customer & Vendor Type list Yes Yes
Price Levels/Price Rules Yes Yes
Templates Yes Yes
To Do Yes Yes
Add/Edit Multiple List Entries Yes Yes

Merging of data in multi-user mode is not allowed while adding, editing or removing the list data.

Importing/Exporting data

Tasks/Features Single-user mode Multi-user mode
Import Excel Files Yes Yes
Advanced Import Yes No
Import IIF Yes Yes*
Import WebConnect Files Yes Yes
Import Timer Activities Yes No
Import General Journal Entries Yes Yes
Export Lists to IIF Files Yes No
Export Addresses to Text File Yes Yes
Export Timer Lists Yes No

You can import the IIF files in QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise 2019.

Business Process/workflow

Tasks/Features Single-user mode Multi-user mode
Custom reporting Yes Yes
Set Closing Date Yes No
Set up Budget Yes Yes
Set up Forecast Yes Yes
Cash Flow Projector Yes Yes
Use Business Plan Tool Yes Yes
Manage Fixed Assets (US only) Yes No
Enter Vehicle Mileage Yes Yes
Prepare Letters with Envelopes Yes Yes
Enter customer transactions Yes Yes
Enter Statement Charges Yes Yes
Create Statements Yes Yes
Assess Finance Charges Yes No*
Enter Time Yes Yes
Income Tracker Yes Yes
Lead Center Yes Yes
Change Item price Yes Yes
Vendor Center Yes Yes
Enter vendor transactions Yes Yes
1099 Wizard (US only) Yes No
1099 Report (US only) Yes Yes
Create Checks/Checks Yes Yes
Order Checks/Checks Yes Yes
Reconciliation Yes Yes
Set up Bank Feeds Yes Yes
Change Bank Feeds mode (US only) Yes No
Reports center Yes Yes
Memorized reports Yes Yes
Scheduled reports Yes No
Commented reports Yes Yes
Advanced reporting (US only) No Yes
Process multiple reports Yes Yes
QuickBooks Statement Writer Yes Yes
Combined Reports Yes Yes

You can’t set up finance charges for the first time while being in Multi-user mode.

Accountant-related tasks

Tasks/Features Single-user mode Multi-user mode
Create Accountant’s Copy Yes No
Save Accountant’s Copy Yes No
Send Accountant’s Copy to accountants Yes No
Send Company file, create portable file Yes No
Accounting Tools Yes Yes
Batch Delete/Void Transactions Yes No
Batch Enter Transactions Yes Yes

Employee and payroll activities

Tasks/Features Single-user mode Multi-user mode
Employee Center Yes Yes
Payroll Setup (Manual Payroll) Yes No
Pay with Direct Deposit (US only) Yes Yes


Tasks/Features Single-user mode Multi-user mode
Accounting Yes Yes/No*
Bills Yes Yes/No*
Calendar Yes Yes/No*
Checking/Checking Yes Yes/No*
Desktop View Yes Yes/No*
Finance Charge Yes Yes/No*
General Yes Yes/No*
Integrated Applications Yes Yes/No*
Items & Inventory Yes Yes/No*
Jobs & Estimates Yes Yes/No*
Multiple Currencies Yes Yes/No*
Payments Yes Yes/No*
Payroll & Expenses Yes Yes/No*
Reminders Yes Yes/No*
Reports & Graphs Yes Yes/No*
Sales & Customers Yes Yes/No*
Sales Tax Yes Yes/No*
Search Yes Yes/No*
Send Forms Yes Yes/No*
Service Connection Yes Yes/No*
Spelling Yes Yes/No*
Tax: 1099 (US only) Yes Yes/No*
Time & Expenses Yes Yes/No*

You can modify the My Preferences tab but not the Company Preferences.

Print/Email Tasks

Tasks/Features Single-user mode Multi-user mode
Printer Setup Yes Yes
Print forms Yes Yes
Send forms Yes Yes
Shipping Label (US only) Yes Yes


Tasks/Features Single-user mode Multi-user mode
Synchronize contacts Yes Yes
Set up QuickBooks ODBC Yes Yes
Use Register Yes Yes
Use Calculator Yes Yes
Find Yes Yes
Search Yes Yes
Customize Favorites Yes Yes
Bulk enter company business details Yes Yes
Reminders Yes Yes
Alerts Manager Yes Yes
QuickBooks Messenger Yes Yes

How To Switch Between Single User Mode And Multi-User Mode?

It is your freedom to use whatever mode you want to use for your business, but Intuit recommends you to choose mode as per your business requirements. The best part about QuickBooks is that you can use switch to any mode at any point of time. Switching between the modes can easily be done by following below-mentioned steps:

  • Open QuickBooks and from the main menu, go to File.
  • From the drop-down options, go to Utilities > Switch To Single-user Mode/Switch To Multi-user Mode.

Note: QuickBooks multi-user has some limitations as some of the important functions like Payroll and Bank Feeds don’t work. These features can only be used in single-user mode for security purposes.

Contact Us For Support

This article should be helpful for you in understanding the features of QuickBooks Single-User and Multi-User mode. You can go through the features and check your business requirements so that you can use QuickBooks to its core. However, sometimes you can face several errors and issues in the QuickBooks software as well that can hamper your workflow easily. In such situations, you can contact us at our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1800-621-5491 and get your issues resolved instantly.