Error: Failed or Error: Restore Failed, When You Try To Restore a Backup

QuickBooks is a powerful accounting software which is highly recommended for small and medium sized businesses. All the data related to your financial information and other important data is stored in your company file and this file is saved with .QBW extension. The QuickBooks Company File is the backbone of your business and it is highly suggested to create a backup of your data on a regular basis. However, there can be some situations when you can face some errors and you are unable to restore a backup of your company file that you created.

If you are also not able to restore your backup of your company file, this article can be very helpful for you as we are going to discuss about the solutions to resolve restore failed while trying to restore from a backup issue. You can also connect with the support department of Intuit by dialing QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number +1800-621-5491 toll-free.

You may face the following error messages while restoring a backup that you have created:

Error: Failed


Restore Failed. This is an Invalid Format of a Post QuickBooks 2007 Backup File


Error: Restore failed. Can’t remove the log file

Causes Of Unable To Restore Backup Issues

  • There are some special characters (@, #, $, %, *) in the Company file name or backup file.
  • You tried to restore the backup over an existing company file.
  • You are trying to restore backup from a portable drive.
  • The backup was done in an older version of QuickBooks but you are trying to restore it in a newer version. Example: Backup was created in the version 2016 and now you are trying to restore it in the version 2017 or 18 of QuickBooks.
  • The file that you are trying to restore is not actually a backup file.
  • You created a backup of a damaged company file.

Resolve QuickBooks Data Restore Issues

There are multiple ways through which this error can be resolved and we have provided almost all of them. It is advised to perform provided steps in the shown order to get maximum results:

Solution 1: Remove special characters ( / \ < > ! $ ) from the file name for your company file

  • Open Windows Explorer by pressing Windows + E
  • Go to the folder where your company file is located right click on the backed up file.
  • Select Rename from the drop-down options.
  • Delete all the special characters and make sure that the file name only contains alphabets and numbers.

Solution 2: Avoid overwriting an existing file when you restore your backup

  • When you are prompted to save the file, navigate to your standard location and then select Save.
  • If there is a file with same name that you gave to the backup file, you will get a confirmation message: The file name exists. Would you like to overwrite this File? Click on No.
  • Provide a different name to the file and then click on Save.

Solution 3: Copy your backup from your flash drive or network drive before restoring it

Connect a flash drive to your computer if you are on a network environment, navigate to the folder where the backup file is located. Create a copy of the file and paste it on the desktop of your local system.

Solution 4: Copy a backup file to a new folder before restoring it

You can face this restore error even if the folder where your backup file is located is damaged. Due to this, QuickBooks couldn’t connect with the folder and restore failed. You need to open that folder, copy your backup file and paste it to a new folder. Now, try to restore your company file again.

Solution 5: Use the same or newer version of QuickBooks when restoring your backup

You can restore a backup of your company file to a newer version of QuickBooks but this can’t be done to an older version. This is because when update your QuickBooks to a newer version, the file structure gets updated, but it is not supported for the backup file.

Example: A backup from QuickBooks 2018 can be restored in the 2019 version but a backup of 2019 can’t be restored to the 2018 version.

Solution 6: Repair your company file

You can also face this error because you created a backup of damaged company file. In such cases, you need to resolve the data damages first. You can use the Verify and Rebuild Data Utility from File > Utilities. This will probably resolve your data damage issues and you will then be able to create and restore backup.

Reach Us For Support

Hopefully, you find this article helpful and you have a clear idea about how to resolve Error: Failed or Error: Restore Failed, When You Try To Restore a Backup. In case if the error is still around, you can use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool to resolve data damage issues in your company file. You can also use various services and tool provided by Intuit such as the Intuit Data Protect Tool that makes backup and restoring easy and convenient. In case if you are still not able to resolve the issue, you need to contact the support department of Intuit that can be reached by dialing the toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1800-621-5491.